Melissa L. Nash, President

How to Calculate DSO

Calculating DSO is straightforward, even for beginners:

DSO = (Accounts Receivable / Total Credit Sales) x Number of Days

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DSO for Dummies: Demystifying Days Sales Outstanding

When it comes to managing finances and ensuring the smooth operation of a business, you'll often come across a jumble of acronyms and financial terms that might seem like alphabet soup. One such...

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What is a Notice to Owner?

In Florida, the Notice to Owner is a statutory form used by contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to inform property owners, general contractors, and other interested parties that they are providing labor, services, or materials for a construction project. The notice serves as a preliminary step to secure payment and preserve the right to file a construction lien if payment is not received.

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Why You Need a Notice to Owner in Florida: Safeguarding Your Construction Payments

In the construction industry, protecting one's financial interests is a critical concern for contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. For those doing business in the state of Florida, an...

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